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Who We Are

Highdration Kitchen is a family-owned Massachusetts-licensed manufacturer focused on brand and product development in the rapidly growing cannabis-infused beverage market. We are producing  products that provide pleasant, predictable, and socially discreet experiences. 

We are preparing for the launch of our debut, category-transforming beverage booster brand in January 2023: THC infused ice cubes.

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Our Objective

We are looking for strategic business partners who value our vision and assets and can provide the resources and scale needed to help us take them to the next level.

Specifically, we seek a strategically aligned partner who can provide some or all of the following:
Investment for build out and  year-one manufacturing expenses
Strategic, financial, and operational team support
Sales and distribution
models / staffing

The Cannabis Landscape

US Cannabis Beverage Category

the cannabis landscape.png

$1 Billion+ projected in sales by 2026*

Beverages are fastest growing category*

Attractive to new and casual users

More discreet, cleaner and socially acceptable consumption method

Why Beverage Boosters?

Our background in brand development led us to look at the marketplace from a holistic view and identify a white space.

why beverage boosters.png

Flower, pre-rolls, gummies and chocolates are everywhere, and easily commoditized

Smoking/vaping very conspicuous and carry stigma among some demographics

Beverage category just scratching surface of potential & ripe for innovation

Boosters/additives easier & less expensive to produce, store and ship (for us and retailers)

Our Game Changer

2 freeze.png

Why Ice Cubes?

We use only the highest quality ingredients and production processes to meet the standards of a growing new market of consumers seeking a clean, consistent, discreet and social cannabis experience.

Our process includes nano-emulsification to produce water-soluble extract that facilitates pleasant & predictable experiences.


Seltzer  vs. Cubes

melt. cubes can simply be popped in the freezer or mixed straight into a drink.  Easier and cheaper to produce than infused seltzers, and packaging is convenient for stacking, display and storage. The consumer wins with a less expensive alternative to smoking or vaping in an easy-to-use format.

10 can of seltzer.png

Product  Pipeline

Other beverage booster products in the works include:

product pipeline.png
Steve Coyle
Director of Operations

Deeply experienced in all aspects of operations and management. Transformative leader expert in building successful hospitality, restaurant, entertainment businesses from initial concept, build out to opening, P&L management, procurement and marketing.

Our  Team

Harry Groome

Advertising and marketing expert with career highlights including the launch of the EA Sports brand as well as national and Boston-based hospitality companies such as Kings Bowling and Game On! Also created Fans Without Footprints (an environmental sports-based loyalty platform) and Safest Places, a student safety communications platform.

Nick Varone
Director of Production

High-volume cannabis cultivation and processing experience across five states, six countries and three continents. Expertise in manufacturing facility design, extractions and product formulation.  Quality-focused leader in the cannabis space since 2010.

Planned Revenue Streams  

To retail dispensaries and licensed delivery associates


Create & package products for other brands using HK recipes


Produce other brands’ products at Highdration Kitchen facility using their recipes and ingredients


Align with existing brands in other states to license HK technology, SOPs, recipes and other brand IP


Contract Manufacturing

Framingham, MA. We begin production March, 2022 with processing and manufacturing labs available for contract manufacturing.


Contact Us

25 Crest Road

Framingham, MA 01702


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